At Saariselkä You will be Reformed

There are places in the world where you can feel becoming clean and reformed. One of them is Saariselkä –highland fell area in Inari, Finland close to Arctic Ocean. Saariselkä will offer you many experiences and a place where you can relax. After your holiday at Saariselkä you will have new energy to continue your ordinary weekdays. Northern lights in the autumn and winter, midnight sun in the summer and amazing fall colors in the fall are something that you will always remember.

Castillo Chalets will make sure that your vacationresort will succeed. We are a small family company and that's why we have time to listen to our customers wishes during their vacation. We always try to help every client with all the details, when planning a vacation or when they are here in Saariselkä. And when necessary we can also help you with all your other services of your vacation too! No matter if you are a couple or a big croup, we can help you and offer you a vacation that will fulfill all your wishes!

We have operated at Saariselkä since 2012. The nature values are important to us and all our workers and co-partners are local. At Castillo Chalet we think that tidiness and comfort is really important. Our customers can be sure that clean and cozy accommodation is waiting for them when they arrive.

Contact us so we can plan you an amazing vacation at saariselkä –at fabulous countryside village in the middle of highland fells and willderness!

Villas, Cabins and Apartments

The name “castillo” is Spanish and means a castle. The name allready tells you that Castillo Chalets has luxury villas and apartaments for your vacation at Saariselkä! You can choose from practical villa options from the southern hillside of the highland fell Kaunispää or different sizes of apartments at the city center of Saariselkä. We have size options from semi-detached house for 20 people to a two-room-apartment for 4 people. We can also accommodate even a bus ful of vacationers to the same area! By using links of the page you can find more information and booking dalendar.


VILLA CASTILLO - Chalet with the wonderful view up to 20 ppl

The semi-detached house Villa Castillo is at the southern hillside of Kaunispää above the tree line, about one kilometer away from the center. You’ll have amazing highland fell views for three compass points from the balcony and from the big windows of Villa Castillo! From Villa Castillo you can see the northern lights and other light effects perfectly.

Villa Castillo is also perfect for bigger groups till 20 people. We have thought especially families while planning the equipments for the villa. After a day at outdoors you can use our many movies, boardgames, books, toys etc. (There are movies, boardgames and books in many languages: English, Spanish, Finnish, French, Germany, Russian and Swedish) Villa Castillo A has also baby equipments.

It is possible to book the whole chalet Villa Castillo (16+4) or just one part of the Chalet (Villa Castillo A or Villa Castillo B, both 8+2).

The Saariselkä's well taken care of ski tracks go by Villa Castillo. The slopes are only 1,5 kolometers away. After a day at the ski center you can ski straight to the chalet. The official toboggan slide is only 250 meters away (and the other good one is next the chalet) and the snow mobile route goes 100 meters from the Chalet. So all the winter activities are close. Vacation activities (for example snowmobile- husky- etc. safaris) are possible to add to your chalet reservation.

BOOK HERE Villa Castillo A and Villa Castillo B


CASTILLO KELOTÄHTI - Luxury apartments in the center of everything up to 4 ppt

All the Castillo´s apartments in the center of Saariselkä are located in quiet places and close to all services (Shops, restaurants, Safari-offices, spa, massage etc). The two identical Castillo Kelotähti two-room-apartments (for 4 people) are brand new and luxury decorated and equipped. They are cood for special allergic use and for disabled people. It’s also posible to rent them together, then it’s perfect for example for two families who want to spend vacation together but still want some privacy.

Castillo Kelotähti A 1 and Castillo Kelotähti A 4 are perfect apartments to the people who love to spend time on ski tracks! The Saariselkä's well taken care of ski tracks go by Castillo Kelotähti. There is a really good, warmed ski Waxing room at the building and opportunity to store your ski equipments at the apartment's own depository (equipped with a lock). The ski slopes are only 1,5 kilometers away. After a day at the ski center you can ski almost to the apartment.

The official toboggan slide is only 200 meters away and the snow mobile route goes 100 meters from the apartment. You can rent all winter equipments from the next building and book them together with your accommodation. And all the activities (safaris and else) you can book together with your apartment. So everything is ready for your adventure!

BOOK HERE Castillo Kelotähti A 1 and Castillo Kelotähti A 4


CASTILLO MOITAKURU - Intensive apartments at the good position up to 6 ppl

Castillo Moitakuru C 31 and Castillo Moitakuru C 32 are apartments with tree bedrooms and for 6 people. Castillo Moitakuru C 31 and C 32 located in the best place of the center of Saariselkä. The apartment has fantastic soapstone fireplace which specially in the fall and winter creates soft atmosphere for the whole apartment. Also Castillo Moitakuru is practical for vacations of families with kids. If you book the both apartments Castillo Moitakuru C 31 and C 32, we can offer you accodommation for a group of even 12 people in the city center of Saariselkä!

The Saariselkä's ski tracks go by Castillo Moitakuru. There is warmed ski Waxing room and opportunity to store your ski equipments at the apartment's own depository (equipped with a lock). You can rent winter equipments from the 300 meters. The official toboggan slide is only 350 meters away and the snow mobile route goes 100 meters from the apartment. And you can book all your winter activities together with the apartment. Castillo Moitakuru is a good choice to spend your winter vacation at Saariselkä!

BOOK HERE Castillo Moitakuru C 31 and Castillo Moitakuru C 32



CASTILLO METSÄKOTI - Cozy chalet up to 12 ppl

The name “metsäkoti” is Finnish and means "the home in the forest".  The name tells very well what kind of chalet Castillo Metsäkoti is.The homely house is at the southern hillside of Kaunispää, about  800 meter away from the center. Castillo Metsäkoti A has 2+2 beds (one bedroom and extra beds from the sofa) and Castillo Metsäkoti B has 8 beds (4 bedrooms). It is wisely to book them together, then Castillo Metsäkoti has 10+2 beds and 5 bedrooms. The apartments have two fantastic soapstone fireplaces which specially in the fall and winter create soft atmosphere to the apartments.

The Saariselkä's ski tracks go 300 meters away. The snow mobile route goes next to the apartment. And you can book all your winter activities together with the apartment.

BOOK HERE Castillo Metsäkoti A and Castillo Metsäkoti B


CASTILLO LUULAMPI E 4 - a spacious apartment in the centre of Saariselkä, up to 8 ppl

Castillo Luulampi is a three-bedroom (6+2 persons) apartment of a two-storey building in the best place of Saariselkä (78 m2). From Castillo Luulampi you have a short way to everywhere in the centre of Saariselkä! The apartment has a kitchen, livingroom, large sauna (with two showers), two toilets and three bedrooms each with lot of space and good separated beds. The apartment is located next to the Castillo Moitakuru apartments, and this way a bigger group, even to 20 people, can all stay in same place. 

The apartment is perfect for skiers. The housing cooperative has a ski waxing room, the great ski track connections of Saariselkä goes right next the apartment and you don't have to save your strength for the end because the final of the ski tracks are flat from every direction from the apartment.

BOOK HERE Castillo Luulampi E 4


ARCTIC LOG CABINS - Lovely wooden gottages up to 8 ppl

10 Arctic Log Cabins (6+2 persons) are situated only 450 meters from the center of Saariselkä. Two bedrooms, loft, kitchenette (fridge, cooking plate, microwave, coffee maker, electric kettle, dishwasher), sauna, fireplace with free firewood, free WiFi and TV are standard in all atmospheric cabins. If your group is bigger than 8 persons it is possible to book more than just one cabin. The cabins are quite near each other so this is practical way to get accommodation to the bigger group all the way to 70 persons!

The Saariselkä's ski tracks go 300 meters away. The snow mobile route goes next to the cabins. And when you are Castillo Chalets customer and you want to rent snow mobile for a longer time you can have a special price. And we can help with all the winter activities!

BOOK HERE Arctic Log Cabins 1-10


All the chalets and apartments are bright from their room choises and decorations. The unique nature of Saariselkä comes inside in the apartments and cabins of Castillo Chalets! The equipments of the vacation apartments are designed to be versatile and high-level.

All the apartments and villas have fireplace, TV, sauna, dishwasher and everything else you'll need in your vacation. Kitchens are well equipped and they’ll give you excellent cooking opportunities even for preparing bigger banquets. There are many dish sets in each vacation apartments, so you can even invite some visitors! Details of the chalets, cabins and apartment, see pictures on the right (symbols).

At Castillo Chalets we think that tidiness and comfort is really important. So cabins, apartments and villas will always be clean and every way possible working, waiting for you. Pets are also welcome in most of our cabins, villas and apartments!

Our phose service is up 24/7 during your vacation. That's why you can be sure that your vacation with Castillo Chalets will fulfill your expectation! What ever happens...

By clicing the links of accommodation you will find more information, pictures and reservation calender to every chalets, apartments and gabins.



Villa Castillo

Villa Castillo A

Villa Castillo B

Castillo Kelotähti A 1

Castillo Kelotähti A 4

Castillo Moitakuru C 31

Castillo Moitakuru C 32

Castillo Luulampi E 4

Castillo Metsäkoti A

Castillo Metsäkoti B

Arctic Log Cabins no 1-10


Along with accomodation we can arrange all activities and equipments (for example mountain bikes, skis etc) to your holiday. And also all other services (like food, transportation etc.). Holiday activites are available during every season. During spring, summer and autumn we are specialized in activities related to camping and hiking in the wilderness, canoeing / rafing trips on nearby rivers. And when it gets dark we can arrange different kind of Aurora Safaris.

During winter you can get all kinds of winter activities that are available in Lapland via us, for beginners and experts. All activities can be arranged in English and Spanish when needed, also during winter in Chinese. Below you can see activities listed by seasons. More information can be found from our Facebook-page and also by contacting us via contact form of this page. We can arrange everything according to your wishes!

Winter activities

  • HUSKY EXPERIENCE 25 minute husky driving, introducing wolf dogs and huskies, photo with husky
  • EXPERIENCE LAPLAND IN ONE DAY + MEET THE LOCAL FAMILY Husky experinece, Arctic ice fishing, snowshoeing adventure, snowmobile in sleigh, lunch between activities, meeting local family
  • SNOWMOBILE SAFARIS From 2h snowmobile tour to tour to Inari lake (8h) with A la Carte lunch. According the wishes of clients...
  • AURORA HUNT Our Aurora Hunting tours are organized for small groups to assure the quality of the service tor our guests.
  • SNOWSHOE in Urho Kekkonen National Park
  • CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING Apart from being Finlandś national sport, cross-country skiing is also a lot of fun!
  • ARCTIC SAUNA AND ICE SWIMMING No one should leave Finland witout esperiencing the dry heat of a traditional Finnish wood-burning sauna!
  • ICE FISHING Drill a hole though the thick ice with an auger, bait the hook and wait to catch a pearch or a whitefish!
  • KING CRAB SAFARI TRIP Kirkenes is located in the extreme North-Eastern part of Norway near Russian border. Enjoy a fresh unlimited King Crab meal on beatiful restaurant ashore.
  • SNOW TANK TOURS The Snow Tank is an unique way to explore the snowy fells and forests of Saariselkä.
  •  SMOKE SAUNA IS A PART OF FINLAND! Experience smoke sauna and fresh fell stream

By asking we will send you activity brochure for more information. Shuttle service from Castillo Chalets villas, apartments and cabins when booking via us.

Summer and Autumn Activities

  • GOLD PANNING IN LAPLAND (duration 2-3 hours)
  • EXPERIENCE LAKE INARI, THE LAKE OF MYSTERIOUS TALES (duration 6-7 hours) waterbus trip to lake Inari
  • FISHING TRIPS OF YOUR WISHES where ever and how you want to fish - we will arrange it!
  • THE GIVINGS OF FELLS BY OWN HANDS Trip of picking berries and mushrooms to fells
  • PEACE OF WILDERNESS (duration about 7 hours) Trip to middle of Lapland´s untouched wilderness
  • HIKING IN UKK NATIONAL PARK ( about 2-3 days)
  • SMOKE SAUNA IS A PART OF FINLAND! (duration 4 hours)Experience smoke sauna and fresh fell stream
  • TRIP TO THE REINDEER FARM (about 2 hours) Trip to the local reindeer farm
  • RAFTING TRIP ON JUUTUA, IVALO OR LUTTO RIVERS A real adventure on the wild river!
  • CANOEING OVER NIGHT TRIP ON IVALO RIVER Sleeping on the tent and making food on camp fire
  • "AURORA CHASING" TRIP by minibus (August-October) 
  • COOKING OVER THE CAMPFIRE + AURORAS BOREALIS Make your meal with camp fire under the Northern Lights
  • NORTHERN LIGHTS AT THE SILENCE OF WILDERNESS Aurora hunting adventure at the middle of UKK national park (duration 5-7 hours, 2-8 persons)
  • A NIGHT UNDER THE NORTHERN LIGHTS AT THE WILDERNESS Over night Aurora hunting adventure at the middle of UKK national park (sleeping at a tent next to the camp fire, cooking on camp fire) (duration 14-16 hours)

More information and prices: and from our Facebook page.



It’s easy to come to Saariselkä and to Castillo Chalets

By plane

By Finnair or Norwegian Air Shuttle



The closest airports to Saariselkä are Ivalo (IVL) and Rovaniemi (RVN).

From Ivalo (IVL)

The distance from Ivalo airport to Saariselkä is 27 km.

Finnair operates daily flights from Helsinki to Ivalo during the whole year.

Norwegian Air Shuttle flies from Helsinki to Ivalo three times per week during the winter season, which lasts from October till April. You can rent a car at Ivalo airport (Avis, Budget, Europcar, Hertz, Scandia Rent, Sixt).

There is a shuttle bus service from Ivalo airport to Saariselkä. The schedule of shuttle buses is made according to timetable of arriving and departing flights.

Taxi service is also available.

Saariselkä Taxi, tel. +358 100 84 644

Ivalo Taxi, tel. +358 100 87 888

From Rovaniemi (RVN)

The distance from Rovaniemi airport to Saariselkä is 252 km.

Finnair and Norwegian operate daily flights from Helsinki to Rovaniemi during the whole year.

You can rent a car at Rovaniemi Airport (Avis, Budget, Europcar, Hertz, Scandia Rent, Sixt, Toyota-Rent) or take a bus.

It takes about three hours to get to Saariselkä from Rovaniemi. You drive along European route E75, enjoying picturesque sceneries. You can also have a lunch in a nice roadside café and visit small souvenir shop.

By car

Saariselkä is located right on European route E75, and it is impossible to pass it.

The distances:

By train

There is a direct railroad connection between Helsinki and Rovaniemi. For more details, please, visit website of the Finnish railway company.

By bus

Finland has a well-developed long-distance bus network. For more information, please, visit following websites.

Castillo premises at Saariselkä

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